Newspaper rotary knife

Newspaper rotary machines have two different methods of transverse folding, one for impact folding and one for splint folding. As the impact folding has the advantages of simple structure and convenient adjustment, it has been widely adopted by newspaper rotary machines. Although impact folding al---

Rainy season furniture moisture-proof coup

In the summer, there are more rainy days and the air is damp. It is very important to prevent moisture. Then, by learning from the senior decoration industry, here are a few ways to protect your furniture from moisture, so that your furniture will last longer in a humid environment. 1. Wet days op---

Know makeup mistakes, beware of ugliness

We often see such MMs around us. It’s pretty good, but it’s weird after we finish makeup. The reason is that they all made mistakes in make-up , and today I teach you to know makeup. Wrong, beware of ugly makeup. Firefly-like shiny makeup Be aware that boys don't like girls'---