Mineral insurance paper bag

Japan Showa Chemical Co., Ltd. is developing a variety of fresh-keeping materials, one of which is to infiltrate minerals into absorbent Paper Bags and use them to package vegetables and fruits. During transportation, vegetables and fruits can be supplied with nutrients from mineral concentrates. ---

Thermal transfer film

The printing production of thermal transfer printing film can only be regarded as a small flower in the printing industry. However, with the continuous development of the plastics industry, the surface decoration requirements for plastic products have rapidly increased. The commonly used forms of ---

Bracket assembly for printing press

Patent name Bracket assembly for printing press Patent applicant Mann Roland Druckma Singer Company Principal Applicant Address Germany Offenbach Inventor K. Stanscher Application (Patent) No. 200510077994.8 Date of Application 2005.06.16 Date of Approval Audit No. 1712343 Approved publication dat---