A single visa will make tourism in Southeast Asia hotter and more diversified>>


This year's visa policy in Southeast Asia has been further relaxed. As the first step towards the “Schengen Visa” in Southeast Asia, Thailand and Cambodia have also begun to implement a single visa. This year, Chinese people travel to Thailand and Cambodia, as long as they apply for a visa, they can achieve Tourism in Thailand and Cambodia. Thailand and Cambodia will launch a single visa program for tourists from 35 countries and regions. Visitors can use either country visa to stay in each country for 60 days.

“A single visa for Southeast Asia is as significant for the Chinese as for the Schengen visa.” The reporter learned from the largest mobile social media media in Malaysia that since Southeast Asia is currently the first choice for self-guided travel, “single visa” will be given to China. Most travelers bring great convenience. According to the data monitoring of the hotel's user-booked hotels, the selection of Southeast Asia accounted for 47% in 2012, 32% in domestic tour, and 21% in other countries such as Europe and the United States.

In the process of applying for visas, experts from Mamcomb Travel Guide told the reporter that the “single visa” scheme made the visas save money and labor. Applying for a visa to two countries could save nearly 400 yuan in visa fees. Due to the recent hot tourism in Thailand, visas for some consulates in Thailand require 5 working days or even longer to get. After the implementation of a single visa, time-critical users can choose to apply for a Cambodia visa to travel to Thailand. Cambodia has implemented online e-commerce for Chinese tourists. Visas can be obtained in as early as 1 day.

After the implementation of a single visa, for self-guided tourists, there is more room for airline tickets than in the past. Take the Angkor Wat tour of the world as an example. The route between Beijing and Siem Reap has a higher ticket price. Visitors can choose to purchase Beijing. After Bangkok's airline ticket arrives in Thailand, it will take a bus or a train to the Thai-Cambodian border and exit to Cambodia. Or buy a cheap airline ticket from Bangkok to Siem Reap in advance. For visitors who have more time, it is a good way to save money.

In addition, the experts of Mamcomb Travel Guide also stated that in the past, due to visa and time reasons, many tourists would not choose to go to multiple countries within a period of time. The implementation of a single visa will inevitably lead to the proliferation of multiple new tourist routes. Self-driving tourists also carry out self-driving tours in Thailand and Cambodia. With the passage of the future of the Trans-Asian Railway, tourists can take a train from Yunnan to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. With the increase in the number of countries participating in the ASEAN visa development, a visit to multiple countries will increase. The more economical and convenient.

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