About the magnetic pump liquid filling machine


About Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine Product Overview:
1. Adopting high-precision micro magnetic pump and domestic first-time new filling equipment to control filling volume by controlling the number of revolutions of the motor, high quality 316L stainless steel shell, PEEK gears and PTFE sealing material, with acid and alkali resistance , high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics;
2. Widely applicable, almost all liquids that can flow can be filled, especially for oil, washing liquid, acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent liquid filling.
3, the structure is simple, easy to operate. The liquid discharge tube can be filled and moved in a random manner, which can meet the requirements of 10ml-1000ml filling liquid volume, and is also not limited by the large filling volume. It is a reliable and durable filling equipment.
4, the use of brand pump head and motor, other components for domestic well-known manufacturers, stable and reliable performance, long service life;
5. The magnetic pump head is driven by magnetic force. The pump head is connected with the motor without shaft. Do not worry about the shaft seal damage splashing or the pump load is too high and burn out the motor. The counter controls the number of motor rotation to ensure the filling accuracy, and the error is less than 1 %;
6. The liquid flow can be arbitrarily adjustable during filling, which can meet the requirements of different filling liquid volumes;
7. Full-featured, automatic, foot-operated intermittent filling, adjustable interval time during automatic filling;
8, there is a total number of filling count function, power failure memory can not afford to lose, easy to grasp the total output model voltage (V) power (W) liquid volume (ml)
QHC-1 220 60 10-1000
QHC-2 220 200 20-2000

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