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In the new year, the skin will be refreshed! In this dry and cold weather, everyone cares about skin moisturizing. Today, Xiaobian is the best word of mouth to decrypt the lotion. Let's take a look!

Sisley sisley all-purpose lotion

Sisley sisley all-purpose lotion

Price / Specification: 1520 yuan / 125ml

The unique ingredients help to moisturize and restore the skin's comfort and radiance. Helps the skin fight against environmental damage such as pollution, cigarettes and more. Fights oxidation and removes deep toxins from the skin. Reshapes the texture and elasticity of the skin to create a strong, healthy, bright and energetic skin.

Kose Sekkise KOSESEKKISEI Lotion

Kose Sekkise KOSESEKKISEI Lotion

Price / Specification: 420 yuan / 140ml

Moisturizing, non-sticky, high moisturizing effect, refreshing and comfortable use. The skin's surface is refreshing, and the medicinal whitening lotion penetrates into the stratum corneum to create a full-bodied stretch and white skin. "Hydrating and balancing polymer" can adapt to the season and skin quality, and adjust the most suitable moisturizing balance maintenance. Continuously comfortable and supple. Effectively inhibit the formation of melatonin to prevent dark spots and freckles due to sun exposure. And prevent dry and rough skin. Recommended with medicinal snow muscle essence. Snow muscle gel is used together.

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