Chongqing children's toy market spot check: consumers ignore 3C certification


Nowadays, the quality of life is getting better and better, and the toys in the hands of children are getting more and more. However, as a parent, have you ever noticed that children have 3C certification for toys in their hands?

Yesterday, the Chongqing Morning News reporter came to the Xiaoshizi New Chongqing International Commodity Wholesale Center in Yuzhong District to investigate children's toys .

Parents only pay attention to whether toys are fun

At noon yesterday, Mr. Li, who was in his 50s, came to the wholesale center to buy toys with his little grandson. After a round of laps, I bought a toy of nearly one hundred yuan, from a small car to a toy . "Whatever he wants to buy."

Mr. Li said that when buying toys for grandchildren, the main consideration is the feelings of grandchildren. Whether the toy contains 3C certification, Chinese logo and other information has never been noticed. Whether the toy is fun, whether it is good for the child to grow, and whether the price is fair is Mr. Li’s preferred standard. The reporter interviewed randomly, and there are quite a few parents like Mr. Li.

The reporter randomly walked into a shop with a door number of 8008. The store is less than 30 square meters, and all kinds of toys are placed on the shelves and the floor. A few hundred dollars expensive, about ten yuan cheaper. The reporter found that many of the more expensive toys are extremely formal, with 3C certification marks on the packaging, and relevant information is also available.

However, toys that are relatively cheap are not the case. In a corner of the store, there are a bunch of plastic toys. There is a plastic cat whose eyes will rotate, and there is no logo, let alone 3C certification.

In another store, a plastic toy called "Desperate Fighting Chicken" has only one CE certification. "These toys still need 3C certification." The store clerk told reporters that there are many toys without 3C certification in this market. "No customers will pay attention."

Business and industry requirements problem toys all off the shelves

In the afternoon, the reporter and Tang Yu, deputy director of Chaotianmen Industrial and Commercial Office of Yuzhong District, and his party came to the new Chongqing International Commodity Wholesale Center. On the 8th floor of the toy store, the industrial and commercial management personnel inspected the toys in the store.

In the law enforcement inspection, Tang Yu asked the relevant shops to remove the problem toy and put a Chinese logo on it. Regarding the quality problems that may exist in the toy, the business management staff decided to send a plastic toy named “Shrilling Frog” without Chinese mark, no 3C certification, and no manufacturer information to the quality supervision and inspection station for sample inspection.

Tang Yu told reporters that if the inspection is unqualified, the toy will be seized. If it is qualified, after determining that the toy has no 3C compulsory certification, it will be handed over to the quality supervision department for processing. Click to enter the home page of China and foreign toys

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