Choose the right fitness method according to body type


Banana type: This kind of person is often emaciated, less fat, less muscular, weaker in strength, and less healthy in internal organs. When exercising, you should exercise your basic physical strength gradually, and gradually strengthen your muscle strength, endurance, and body softness, and then perform weight training and participate in dynamic exercises such as aerobic exercise, skipping, and swimming. Thin people should pay special attention to diet. Should eat more protein-rich foods in order to enhance internal organs function, increase muscle strength, but also intake of vitamin foods.

Puffy type: people who look thin, but have a lot of fat, muscle strength and internal organs are often not strong, physical strength is not good. Suitable sports for such people are walking, climbing stairs, skipping ropes, swimming and other sports that make fat burning. Diet should avoid overeating, eat less sweets, eat less foods high in fat, but intake of high-protein foods.

Apple type: body weight within the standard weight range, but its upper arm, buttocks and abdomen to thigh fat exceeds the standard. As long as there are no problems with muscles and joints, you can participate in any sports such as: playing, swimming, horseback riding, etc. Aerobic exercise is even better. However, if you do not exercise regularly, you cannot suddenly exercise vigorously. Before doing each exercise, you should do warm-up exercises and gymnastics to strengthen your muscle strength. The diet only needs to pay attention to balanced nutrition, moderate intake of food, and less supper, but the amount of fat-containing foods can be taken.

Bucket type: The skin is thick and overweight in all parts of the body, and is too heavy. There are almost no muscles. People with weak skeletal support ability, in daily life, climb a few steps to “gas.” Such people should do more aerobic exercise and swimming and can consume fat. Static stretching is often done to strengthen the musculoskeletal.

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