Constant temperature and humidity test chamber does not affect the quality due to price


Constant temperature and humidity test chambers are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, metrology, school sites and laboratories. Its application fields involve machinery, metallurgy, construction, aviation, aerospace, military industry, transportation, transportation, quality inspection, metrology, education, medical treatment, etc. All walks of life provide convenience for all walks of life.

With the continuous expansion of market demand, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber industry, which is closely related to people's lives, has also achieved rapid development. Some domestic constant temperature and humidity test equipment manufacturers have begun to compete and continue to break through new technologies and innovate in products. We will continue to contribute to the environmental testing industry with the spirit of continuous innovation.

As the price station of constant temperature and humidity test equipment continues to intensify, we should continue to enhance our comprehensive strength, from the appearance of the equipment to the performance and quality of the equipment, to conduct a comprehensive change, without affecting the quality of the test equipment because of the price, because The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is originally a test and test equipment. If the inspection results of the equipment affected by quality problems are outweighed.

Therefore, users should pay attention to quality first when choosing equipment, and they cannot choose which one is the cheapest, which leads to an incorrect inspection result.

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1. Machine Characteristics of Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

1.The working process is devised by German's Siemens PLC

2.Electriceye detection during working process,

3.Eight roller with conveying line,realize unmanned automatic machine strapping

4.Automatic detection;automatic packaging;automatic transmission;high work efficiency

5.Imported electric appliances,stable performance,longer service life

6.With four electric motors for tape feed,tape retreat, tape storage and roller conveying.

7.Optional automatic alarm device, alarm when working in trouble or lack of tape

8.Cooling time is adjustable with strong tension

9.Could realize unmaned and working with production line

10.Cast steel movement structure

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Fully Auto Strapping Machine

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