Directly hit RFID technology and product application


Today, with the development of the market economy in full swing, in order to effectively prevent the listing and circulation of counterfeit and shoddy commodities, and better protect the rights of manufacturers and consumers from infringement, commodity anti-counterfeiting technology came into being. With the emergence of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology, it has gradually become the mainstream of commodity anti-counterfeiting. Tianjin Fangtong Security Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangtong) seized this opportunity, invested more than 10 million yuan, purchased RFID production equipment, and built the first production line in Tianjin with an annual output of 10 million electronic tags. Production of more than 600,000 RFID electronic tags. The company's production capacity has been formed, and the product quality is gradually improving. Among them, the qualified rate of packaged products has increased from 80% to 99.5%, and the qualified rate of composite products has increased from 90% to more than 98%.

Break through the traditional upsurge
Most of the anti-counterfeiting technologies in the past are relatively simple, and there are loopholes in the links. Most of them are only identifiable commodity labels, such as indicating the name, variety, specifications, batch, serial number, production date, raw material composition, processing technology, etc. of the commodity, so as to realize the communication and service of the manufacturer and consumers on the commodity information . With the development of the market, consumers have put forward higher requirements on the anti-counterfeiting technology of commodities. RFID electronic label products have the characteristics of miniaturization, miniaturization, thin film, concealment and personalization. They can be connected to computers or related enterprise management information system databases through antennas and wireless readers (fixed or handheld). It can be pasted on a single product (such as clothing, food, medicine, etc.) to achieve the entire process of information management of the single product and the production, packaging, storage, storage, sales, anti-counterfeiting inquiry, after-sales service Monitoring and tracking has become the mainstream of commodity anti-counterfeiting.
Due to the upgrading of commodities, the appearance and packaging of mid- to high-end commodities often change. In order to adapt to the changing characteristics of commodities and at the same time consider the manufacturing cost factors, enterprises often use assembly lines and manual assistance for online labeling and data entry of RFID electronic tags in the production process of commodities. With the help of RFID wireless radio frequency technology, the company's product production, sales, quick inventory, fast search, positioning, tracking services, etc. have become a reality. The application of RFID radio frequency identification technology has brought a cross-epoch revolution to modern business, which has brought the digital construction of commodity management to a higher level.
Realistic application
RFID anti-counterfeiting technology is extraordinary at the first shot, which has benefited many enterprises in the application of products. The application operation flow is shown in the figure.
RFID anti-counterfeiting system business operation flow diagram depicts the system business operation process according to the order of product production, operation and management services.
1. Initialize the RFID anti-counterfeit small label. When initializing the small label, connect with the original ERP system, read the ERP existing "batch", "variety", "name", "production date" and other data information, write into the small label, to achieve the production of single products information record.
2. Paste small RFID anti-counterfeit labels. This business operation is completed in the "locking" process.
3. Packing, affixing large RFID tags, and storage. For the N products packed in the same box, use the anti-counterfeit small label data reading and writing equipment to re-acquire the encoding information of each product, and use the large label data reading and writing equipment to generate the large label encoding information after the data information operation, and write "Large" label, the large label is affixed to the product packaging box to achieve one-to-one correspondence between the data information in the large label on the packaging box and the data information in the N small labels, and then put the product packaging box into inventory and put The information is transferred to the system anti-counterfeit data information database.
4. Commodity sales out of the warehouse. After the "commodity sales out of warehouse" process is completed, it needs to be docked with the original ERP system. When the merchandise is sold out of the warehouse, read the existing "dealer" information of the ERP and write into the large label to realize the sales information record.
5. After-sales inquiry. After consumers purchase a single product, they can obtain product anti-counterfeiting information through the product anti-counterfeiting traceability query service platform, such as product name and production date.
6. Commodity service. When the consumer fails to use the product and needs repair service, the consumer and the manufacturer's service department can provide accurate, timely and effective services to the consumer through information communication authentication through the RFID anti-counterfeiting system.
The RFID anti-counterfeiting system integration engineering project uses RFID technology and the data encryption technology of the inspection subsystem to enable consumers, RFID electronic label users and inspection technology providers to interact with information, with a high degree of security and confidentiality, which overcomes the traditional anti-counterfeiting technology in the current market The problem of "not anti-counterfeiting" or "difficult to prevent counterfeiting" prevents counterfeiters from making fakes. The combination of RFID electronic tags and mobile phones makes it easy for consumers to check, and the query cost is relatively low. After the RFID electronic label anti-counterfeiting system is put into application and promotion, it will realize that consumers and manufacturers will not be restricted and affected by on-site conditions, but will carry out convenient, timely and low-cost communication.
Strive to develop with the times
With the development of science and technology, in order to adapt to the rapid changes in the market rhythm, to further improve the product qualification rate and improve the product processing technology, Fangtong has creatively transformed the equipment.
1. Solved the problems of unstable pressure on the thermal head and uneven pressure surface of the reverse packaging equipment, and improved the qualified rate of the reverse packaging.
2. The image recognition light source of the reverse button machine has been modified, and the original red light source has been changed to a green light source, which has improved the resolution of identifying fragile paper antenna.
3. The rubber roller of the die-cutting machine is slotted and reformed to solve the problem that the chip is easily crushed.
4. Independent research and development of testing equipment for die cutting and wet and dry inlay conversion.
5. Installed counters, meter counters and other devices for production equipment to realize automatic statistics of production materials.
The manufacturing department also focused on trial production of compound processes around book labels, Fenjiu fragile paper labels, Jinjiu labels, clothing tag labels, animal ear labels, etc., accumulating production experience. Through production practice, mastered the packaging technology of chips and tag antennas. At present, Fangtong's RFID tags have been applied to Tianjin subway tickets, Tianjin wine labels, Tianjin library book labels, Shanxi Fen wine labels and other high-quality projects. Fangtong also signed an agreement with Tianjin Planting Industry to build a network platform for assured vegetable bases and the Information Institute of Tianjin Technical Supervision Bureau, and established a long-term cooperative relationship. Through unremitting efforts, the customer base has expanded rapidly and sales have continued to increase.
RFID anti-counterfeiting technology is produced in practical applications and benefits many enterprises. The RFID electronic label anti-counterfeiting system effectively connects the manufacturer and the end consumer, and builds a more smooth and direct information exchange platform between the manufacturer and the consumer, which realizes the entire management and management of goods from the manufacturer to the end consumer. The monitoring fundamentally solves the problems of counterfeit goods and commodities in the process of sales.
While providing product manufacturers with low-cost, high-efficiency and safe product authenticity identification services, it also provides consumers with a stable and fast product anti-counterfeiting inquiry service, which effectively protects the interests of manufacturers and consumers and achieves both. "Win-win". It is rare that with the progress of the times, RFID anti-counterfeiting technology can keep pace with the times, constantly improve equipment, improve manufacturing and processing technology, and do everything step by step. I believe that RFID anti-counterfeiting system will go further on the road of commodity anti-counterfeiting technology.

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