Ekin Cheng was given a robot toy


Ekin Cheng was given a robot toy

Ekin Cheng was given a robot toy

According to Hong Kong media reports, Zheng Yijian, who just finished the concert, re-appeared at the opening ceremony of the Christmas exhibition yesterday. The conference specially sent a robot with crystal blocks to Zheng Yijian, and then Zheng Yijian held a launch ceremony for the crystal Christmas train model. Zheng Yijian, who is known as the "big child", is very interested in the train model on the spot. He keeps holding the controller research. He smiles and argues himself: "In fact, many toys are designed for adults to play. I hope everyone is happy Christmas. Zheng Yijian feels that the current world is very complicated, and there are too many negative things. In addition to natural disasters, there are more human factors that complicate the original simple things.

Speaking of a performing arts group requesting Mr MA Fung-kwok to resign, Ekin Cheng said: "I think Hong Kong has three major industries of finance, tourism and entertainment. There should be competition. Why not give more entertainment to the public. (Is it because of the wife of Meng Jiahui and Hong Kong? TV cooperation, so support for licensing?) I have said before, this is not the case, because many people are wireless past, we all know." Zheng Yijian revealed that the Christmas season will stay in Hong Kong, because of a film Hong Kong's love film, after the last time I cooperated with Cai Zhuoyu, I haven't taken a romantic film for a while. I often go to the mainland to take pictures. This time I can shoot Hong Kong's unique scenery, which is really good.

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