Empty cosmetic bottles recycle "hot" set off


Today, with the “low-carbon economy” and “low-carbon life” hot, more and more people and organizations have participated in environmental protection activities and contributed to the creation of green homes. As a beauty-making cosmetics industry, it is even more important to express support for environmental protection through various unique ways. Recycling empty Cosmetic Bottles is one of the most direct and common ways.

Yesterday, PBA, a well-known natural cosmetics brand in China, launched an environmental protection campaign called “Your Empty Cosmetic Bottles We Recycle; You Do Environmental Protection, We Pay for Orders” to recycle not only the brand's empty cosmetic bottles but also other brands of empty cosmetic bottles. , and thus much concerned within the cosmetics circle.

Environmental protection is significant

The person in charge of the event and Ms. Wang Kezheng, research and development director of PBA Cosmetics Co., Ltd., said that not only in the cosmetics industry, but also in other industries, there are many products that use soft plastics or hard plastics as packaging products. The significance of environmental protection is self-evident.

However, at present, only a small number of cosmetics brands carry out empty cosmetic bottle recycling activities, and most of them are limited to recycling their own brand of empty cosmetic bottles. "I believe more and more cosmetic brands will join in and work together to create a low-carbon, green, green life," said Ms. Wang Kezhen.

As the initiator of this event, PBA has always paid great attention to environmental protection and advocated the concept of “harmony between man and nature”. In product packaging, PBA has always adhered to the recyclable, utilizable, and degradable environmental protection standards for packaging materials, continuously developed new environmentally-friendly materials and new processing technologies, and emphasized product packaging “protective, functional, fashionable and environmentally friendly”. The “four-in-one” breaks the limitations of traditional design ideas focusing on appearance and advocates “green design” to reduce and avoid environmental pollution. The “closeness to nature and protection of the environment” is the ideological guide for PBA in all matters.

After the recovery will be a unified secondary treatment

It is reported that glass, plastic, and metal are the main cosmetic bottle materials currently used, among which the largest amount of plastic is used. Many consumers use disposable cosmetics after discarding empty cosmetic bottles, causing environmental pollution; or washing empty cosmetic bottles to collect them, but they are not fully recycled, causing waste of resources. In response to the above situation, PBA launched the “Your empty bottle, we recycle; you do environmental protection, we pay for it” campaign, recycling empty bottles, and giving a corresponding number of points, encouraging consumers to actively participate in environmental protection actions, to create Low-carbon green life and a wonderful home planet contribute.

After PBA recycles the empty cosmetic bottles, it will remove the printed labels on the empty bottles of cosmetics, classify the bottles according to their recycling marks, and if the materials of the bottle caps are different, they must be classified and classified. Empty cosmetic bottles should be simply rinsed with recycled water. Then, the secondary treatment is performed in a unified manner for other purposes, and recycling and recycling are fully utilized, thereby improving the utilization of resources and reducing the pollution to the environment.

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