Environmentally friendly floor selection guide


One year's plan lies in spring. Many friends who have already purchased a house want to decorate their own small homes in the spring, and the floor is one of the biggest links in home decoration consumption. Faced with different flooring brands at home and abroad, different material types, different floor prices , consumers are mostly in the fog, and at a loss.

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Freina features a sofa and spring decoration. Because of the seasonal factors, there are some special places to pay attention to. At the same time, many of the spring decoration are friends with immediate needs, and the environmental protection of building materials needs special attention. Xiaobian specially collected professional environmental protection flooring materials for friends who are decorating in the spring. I believe that I can help you make your home more healthy and comfortable.

Environmentally friendly wood flooring has become a major trend in home improvement. The slogans of various floor businesses have many mysteries. For ordinary consumers, they do not have the ability and skills to purchase professionally. How to ensure that they are truly environmentally friendly when they decorate. According to the experts of the National Indoor Environmental Pollution Control Guidance Center, the country has a lot of hard indicators such as formaldehyde content. At the same time, there are also specialized green product certification organizations. Only products certified by authoritative professional organizations can be called "green".

Consumers are advised to choose a healthy and environmentally friendly floor that can be evaluated from the following points:

1. National professional certification standards: At present, China's current environmental protection standards certification includes “Advanced International Standard Product Certificate” and “China Environmental Label Certification”, which are environmentally-recognized national authoritative certifications, among which “Advance International Standard Product Certificate” 》 is the most stringent certification of flooring manufacturers through the environmental protection series, consumers should pay attention to the identification of these nationally recognized signs when purchasing. At present, some community organizations are also issuing various environmental protection standards certifications. However, due to their lack of authority, uneven distribution standards, and insufficient product supervision, it is difficult to become a yardstick for measuring environmentally friendly products.

2. Technical support and product quality: "The layman looks at the excitement and the insider looks at the doorway". Before purchasing the flooring products, check the qualifications of the relevant manufacturers and the production system certification, which can effectively guarantee consumers to buy real environmentally friendly flooring products.

3, look at the brand: the flooring market of various brands emerge one after another, industry experts suggest from the brand history, after-sales commitment and other aspects of the choice of flooring brands.

4, look at the product line and related parameters: all major brands have their own different product lines, not all products are the highest environmental protection level. In addition to the formaldehyde contained in the floor itself will cause pollution to the indoor environment, industry experts also remind consumers to choose the floor, can not ignore the installation problem. If the installation is not standardized, it will also have an impact on the environment. In addition, if the adhesive in the floor does not meet the standard, it will also cause indoor formaldehyde pollution. Therefore, in the selection of wood flooring with good environmental performance, consumers should also pay attention to the choice of floor brand dealers with good reputation and long-term brand, so as to ensure the comfort and health of the home environment from all aspects.

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