Evaluation: 2011 furniture stores expand the 8 major phenomena in the home industry


Looking back at the ups and downs of the home industry this year, it can be described as a thrilling exception. Implicated by the property market policy, restricted by industry norms, and restricted by market consumption... At the end of the year, reinterpreting the 2010 China home furnishing industry may simulate the prospects and coping strategies of the 2011 home furnishing industry.

1. Low carbon everywhere

After the end of the Copenhagen conference in 2009, the era of low-carbon life was unveiled. In the furniture market, low-carbon environmental protection flags such as “formaldehyde over-compensation full compensation”, “UN human settlement environment green brand”, “no radiation, no pollution”, “low-carbon board” were raised, and the hand was put into consumption. The pocket of the person.

Reporter's comment: Consumers know to buy products that do not contain formaldehyde, lead, benzene and other toxic substances, so the manufacturer gives 0 formaldehyde, E1 standard, etc., and even some manufacturers say that their plates use "E0" level ( It is said that its formaldehyde emission is almost zero). However, according to the reporter's understanding, there is currently no mandatory standard for “E0” in China, and there is basically no “E0” standard furniture in the market. In addition, consumers do not know that low-carbon products also require a long service life and are easy to recycle after disposal. Therefore, so far "low carbon" furniture is still a blank, manufacturers have to work harder in 2011.

2. Famous brand falling horse

The 2010 calendar has just been opened for a few days, and the AQSIQ has published a random inspection result. The furniture brands such as Pearl, Fuzhidao, Opry and Hualong are unqualified. In the furniture industry, it caused vibration, because in this spot check, there were 114 kinds of unqualified products in Guangdong and Sichuan, accounting for 41.2% of the unqualified products, which caused great humiliation in the main producing areas of China.

Reporter's Comments: Famous brands mean high quality, high quality, high price, and also means high visibility. The thief first smashed the king, and the quality inspection department knew this truth. Therefore, in the previous quality inspections, the injured were famous brands. This is the price of a famous brand. Then again, do you want consumers not to be obsessed with brand names, because brand names are just a legend?

3. The property market hurricane

On April 17 and September 29, 2010, in order to curb the excessive rise in housing prices, the state introduced two rounds of regulation and control policies, and expected the property market prices to rise. The home furnishing industry downstream of the real estate industry has had to be implicated. However, the industry, such as furniture, home textiles, kitchen utensils, decoration and decoration, will have a lag period of 2 to 3 months. Therefore, in the May 1st holiday in 2010, manufacturers can still earn a pot. Since then, the market has entered a bleak period.

Reporter's comment: The reporter asked a few circles in Guangzhou's major furniture stores, most of the dealers responded to "the market is bleak." Recently, China Building Materials Distribution Association released the National Building Materials Household Climate Index (BHI) in November. The results showed that the November index was 110.57, a decrease of 12.62% from the previous month. Experts believe that the first is because of the low season of decoration, and secondly, the public is expected to increase the price reduction of real estate, wait and see not to buy a house, the decoration and decoration also naturally decline, and the purchase of furniture is correspondingly reduced.

Regulation and inflation may become the main line throughout 2011. Investors have to struggle between “buying a house or holding a coin” and “when to take a shot and where to invest”. Qin Zhanxue, vice president of China Building Materials Circulation Association, believes that home furnishing enterprises should speed up the construction of low-carbon, information, brand, and credit-oriented four-way construction, and work hard to create demand and stimulate consumption.

4. Expo effect

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo is not only a major event for the country and the nation, but also an important industrial opportunity for the home industry. The Expo will provide domestic home furnishing enterprises with the opportunity to enter the world stage, so that home furnishing enterprises have a platform to show their strength, and also create an atmosphere for the international home furnishing brands to land in the Chinese market.

Red Star Macalline has a world in the World Expo Private Enterprise Pavilion. It shows the strength of the company with the theme of “Technology and Life, Creation and Struggle”; Taiwanese brand Aurora Furniture also has a pavilion at the World Expo, which tells the story of the company and its products. Carbon and environmental protection concept; Dinoya Furniture has created a “Magic U Kitchen” kitchen and kitchen dining table for the Shanghai World Expo. IKEA has a booth at the Swedish Pavilion...

Reporter's comment: In fact, there are many Chinese furniture companies that have landed at the World Expo. There are many floors, cabinets, kitchens and lighting companies. Some designers also have a lot of works. From the home industry of the Expo, the low carbon and environmental protection will undoubtedly become the common feature of all the brands that have settled in.

But how can we better make these good ideas sustainable? How to transform the visibility and reputation of the World Expo into commercial value? This is the main problem that home companies need to continue thinking and acting.

5. Asian Games stoppage

On the eve of the Asian Games, the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Agency issued the “Air Quality Assurance Measures Program during the Guangdong Asian Games” (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”), which imposed restrictions on renovation and construction. If strictly in accordance with these norms, most of the decoration enterprises in Guangzhou can only be closed to the door.

Reporter's Comments: This edition took the lead in reporting this news, causing heated discussions in government departments, decoration industry and consumer market. After comparing with the relevant laws and regulations during the Beijing Olympics, it is believed that the Asian Games should not be so strict. Subsequently, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department and the Municipal Construction Committee successively replied clearly that the renovation of ordinary citizens' homes can still proceed normally.

According to the truth, it is normal for the decoration companies that produce noise and pollution to make way for the Asian Games. For the government departments, ensuring the smooth holding of the Asian Games is of course more important than the home decoration. However, there is no small matter in the people's livelihood. As long as it is reasonable and well-founded, the government departments should consider it.

6. Market expansion

On January 1st, 2010, Good Luck came to the International Furniture Plaza officially opened; on May 22nd, Guangzhou-European furniture was quietly stationed in Times Square; at the end of May, the Mahui home was in full bloom in the Pearl River New City CBD; on August 8, Wanjialai The home Jinshazhou store officially greets guests; on September 19th, the Jinhai Manaike of Wuzhoucheng International Building Materials Center; on October 3, the home circulation giant Red Star Macalline competes in Luzhou; on October 23, Gaode Mercure Mall Return to Zhujiang New Town; in November, Guangzhou Space Aesthetics Museum opened in Times Square. There are also Yihua Home, Shiliupu, Wanfulin, etc. In just one year, there are more than ten new furniture stores in Guangzhou, and the new store area is at least one million square meters. It is reported that in the next year, the furniture circulation giants such as Real Home, Ou Yada, Red Star Macalline will enter the Guangzhou market.

Reporter's comment: The word "expansion" runs through the development of the entire home circulation industry in Guangzhou this year. It should be guarded that the expansion of the company will inevitably lead to the rapid expansion of the market. In the case of such weak consumption power, manufacturers and dealers will also The expansion of the store was exhausted.

7. Disguised price increase

In 2010, the Chinese consumer market was “up”. As early as the middle of the year, furniture has quietly raised prices. Attentive consumers will find that the same brand of furniture, prices have risen 10% after June. Some new brands simply start a "foreign" name and attempt to use "foreign goods" to raise prices to deceive consumers. Recently, some dealers have revealed that they have received notice from the company that furniture will rise again, ranging from 10% to 30%.

Reporter's comment: Since the beginning of this year, the signal about the shortage of global timber resources has been continuously issued, and the price increase of imported timber is no longer news. According to the reporter's understanding, the price of Lushuihe plate has been raised twice in January and June this year, and the overall increase for the whole year is around 10%. Zhao Ruihai, president of Qumei Furniture, revealed that domestic and imported plates have risen in price, and they have risen quite a lot. It seems that the price of furniture will definitely rise next year, and the magnitude will not be small.

8. Smash the wind

The original price of 3,280 yuan of the big bed, only 990 yuan can "smash" home ... In the home industry, discount sales in 2010 no longer attract consumers, the introduction of some "second kill" goods, in order to attract popularity. "Spike" is a proper term for computer games, and has since become popular in online shopping. However, in the furniture industry, "Spike" completely left the network, was transplanted to the physical store under the net, and many stores in the home store hang out the "Spike" sign. Like Qumei Furniture, Huayuanxuan, Jinhaima Home, and other stores have successively carried out "second kill" activities.

Reporter's comment: In order to attract more consumers' eyeballs, many merchants have started the "second kill" assembly number to attract customers. The effect is not known. However, from the excitement of the business, I believe that it has been recognized and sought after. In the interview, the reporter found that many netizens pointed out that "second kill" is just a gimmick for the public. When “Spike” becomes a normal state in the furniture industry, please think twice.

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