Evaluation: Ou Rui Yubang UV painted cabinets meet the more personalized hope of the kitchen


Euromonitor Yubang UV Painted Cabinet Evaluation and Evaluation Location: Euromonitor Yubang Cabinet Store Evaluation Brand: Euromonitor Yubang Cabinet Evaluation Product: UV Painted Series Cabinet Product Configuration: UV Painted Cabinet Door + Quartz Stone Tabletop Evaluation Project: Product appearance, material details, practical performance

1. Appearance experience

In the current evaluation of Euromonitor's UV painted cabinets, the black and white water ripple decorative curve of the polymer painted board used in the cabinet table is like a dynamic and lively stave, which can wake up the senses instantly, and the UV painted board adds color to your life.

2. Timber details

Countertop: This cabinet uses quartz stone countertop with a thickness of 15mm. Compared with other types of countertops, quartz stone has no radiation and better stability, heat resistance, dirt resistance, scratch resistance, and is not easy to change color, so it is more reliable to use. .

Door panel: The UV painted cabinet door adopts imported high-brightness and high-definition UV light curing paint to make the surface of the product shiny, lubricating and easy to clean.

Drawer: The cabinet is imported from Austria with Blum damping pump, which can achieve good buffering when closing the door, close the sound and protect the items in the drawer. The editor tried to push and pull many times, and the feel is very good.

Hinge: The hinge of the cabinet door is also a Blum brand product, which is not bad after more than 200,000 opening and closing experiments, and has a buffer mute effect, which can protect the cabinet body and make the cabinet more durable.

3. Practical performance

Cabinet plate: The thickness of Euroray Yubang's UV-painted cabinets is 18mm, which is more durable than many other brands' cabinets with only 16mm thickness. The editor hand-pulled the single cabinet for display , I feel very weighty.

Partition: In the front section of the partition inside the cabinet, the editor found that all aluminum alloy strips were added . Upon inquiry, the staff introduced that the strip is slightly higher than the edge of the partition, which can prevent items from sliding down. Especially when the cabinet is used, it can make the storage of items safer, and at the same time avoid many accidents.

Cabinet back panel: After measurement, the thickness of the cabinet back panel used in this cabinet is 5mm, the material is very thick, and the moistureproof effect is better.

Sink / Gas Stove Reinforcement Bar: Below the countertop opening, this cabinet is reinforced with aluminum alloy bars, which is much stronger than many other brands of wooden planks, and it protects the surrounding area of ​​the countertop opening. Make the cabinet more durable.

Baseboard: This cabinet uses aluminum alloy baseboard, which is beautiful and strong, more durable, easy to take care of, and eliminates sanitary dead corners.

Dust angle: In every corner of the cabinet, the design of the dust angle is used to effectively prevent dust from accumulating in the corner. The cleaning of this panel is very easy, just wipe it with ordinary detergent.

4. Evaluation summary

Euromonitor UV painted cabinets, simple and atmospheric appearance, black and white water ripple curve, can create a simple fashion atmosphere for the kitchen; quartz stone countertops, the material is natural and safe, more resistant to wear and dirt, the cabinet body uses 18mm cabinet The body panel and 5mm back panel, the thick materials ensure the durability and moisture-proof effect of the cabinet. In addition, many intimate details are designed, such as the partition with aluminum alloy edge sealing, dustproof angle, and aluminum alloy reinforcement strip under the table opening Etc., to ensure a safer and durable experience; finally, there are many types of cabinets in this cabinet, which can better classify the stored items, and have strong practicality, making your life easier and free.

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