Fashion creative transmission tower hanger



Design always comes to life and is higher than life. This creative hanger is inspired by the giant transmission tower. It is not only unique in shape but also versatile, but also gives us more thoughts: good design is like a transmission tower, which spreads creative ideas, precious information, etc. to others. It also makes people's relationship closer when sharing.



The Easy Way to Extract Fresh, Tasty Citrus Squeezer Juicer !

  • Cut the citrus fruit in half and place one half in the bowl, cut side down.
  • Slowly press the handles together to force maximum juice through the holes.
  • Seeds and pulp can be easily discarded from the bowl - no fiddling around to remove bits from the extracted juice!
  • Enjoy Freshly Extracted Tasty Citrus Juice.
  • Choose Our Lemon Juicer,you'll have more fun in your summer time !

Lemon Juicer

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