Fashion editor recommended summer beauty items


Does the summer makeup box need to be changed a little? Hot weather and a face that loves oil, how can I make myself refreshed this summer? Which beauty items are the best value for money? Below, three fashion editors will analyze the essential beauty items for summer.

First place: Christene Barberich, Editor-in-Chief

Clockwise from the bottom left

Start clockwise from the bottom left:

1, John Masters moisturizing cream, $20

“My hair is naturally curled in the moist air. This hair cream is rich in peak oil and mango sauce, which not only makes the hair water and oil balance, but also increases the light of the hair, no longer makes me A mad woman. Carrying it, the smell is very charming, even without perfume ."

2, Tarte Natural Lip Balm, $24

"I am going to become a grandmother soon, but I always carry lipstick at any time, even on a very hot summer. But a friend suggested that I use Tarte natural lipstick, I did use it, rich in vitamin E and lip care. Oil, SPF15 sunscreen to isolate UV rays, and finally red can bring good luck."

3. Elemental Herbology Cellular Revitalizer, $68

“I have a very simple skin care program for me in the summer. I like this kind of skin lotion, which contains everything that the skin needs. It stimulates the production of collagen, reduces the fine lines around the eyes, and pats it. Let your skin fully absorb nutrients and have a more natural glow."

4, NYX pink blush, $6

"Because my hair is red, I can't brush a very red blush. I just want my cheeks to show a natural blush. Recently, my preferred product is NYX pink blush, which is fully satisfied. My request, and the price is quite cheap. It only costs $6!"

5, Chantecaille SPF 46 silky powder, $65

“I like this ultra-thin, non-toxic and completely transparent sunscreen lotion. And it's an incredibly soft foundation that gives the skin a natural, silky texture.”

6, NUDE body bright gold powder, $70

“I am very lazy, but when I talk about body moisturizing, a wonderful smell is my panacea. It has been clinically proven that this product can stimulate blood circulation and smooth skin, rich in ginger and green coffee. Ginkgo. It is like a natural skin texture that has been kissed by the sun. It is suitable for the arms, legs, face and any parts you want it to shine. Strictly speaking, it is the best friend of the bikini girl."