Furniture e-commerce local sales as the core


Liu Yuxi, a graduate of secondary school, has worked in the furniture industry for more than 10 years. When the furniture industry was the hottest, he set up an e-commerce platform for home products in Xihai, and created an online and offline simultaneous sales model, which won nearly 100 locals in a short period of time. Customer's favor. By summarizing the development experiences and lessons of predecessors, it is concluded that the localization of household products is a key factor in sales.

Secondary school graduated four years into the director

Liu Yuxi was born in 1980. After graduating from junior secondary school in 1999, he went to Guangdong to work alone. He graduated from the computer major. He entered the home industry because of his chance, and he worked for 4 years. Then Liu Yuxi entered Wuhan Ouyada and worked as sales director.

"From 2000 to the present, I have been engaged in the home furnishing industry. From design drawing to production and sales to investment promotion, I have worked in all aspects." Liu Yuxi introduced.

Liu Yuxi’s idea of ​​selling his home online for the first time was in 2005. “But the conditions were not mature at the time, so I didn’t act very quickly.” Although I saw the market for selling home products online in 2005, Liu Yuxi Not eager to start a business.

In the "Double Eleven" online shopping activity last year, Taobao's sales of three home brands reached 65 million yuan in one day. The amazing sales made Liu Yuxi feel that the time came. "With the changes in people's living habits, online shopping for home products has gradually become a trend," he resolutely resigned from Ouyada, affiliated with Wuhan Xiaowei Pioneer Park to establish a company, opened Ai Shangjia Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Online and offline two-pronged approach to zero risk for customers

Liu Yuxi adopted a combination of offline and online business models. Under the line is the group purchase mode, that is, the group purchases customers on the Internet, and then the customer is brought into the cooperative physical store for purchase, and the store owner or dealer will give the lowest discount to the customers who come to buy.

“This way is small profits but quick turnover for the dealers, and consumers can also buy cheap furniture.” Liu Yuxi said that there are not a few companies that adopt this method in Wuhan, but most of them charge a certain amount from the dealers. After the introduction fee, the customer will be brought into a third-party platform such as the hotel (hotel decoration renderings) square, and then the customer and the dealer will exchange the purchases themselves. As for the transaction, there will be no statistics.

Liu Yuxi believes that the location of group purchases is not conducive to customers' understanding of products on third-party platforms; regardless of the volume of transactions, customers (distributors) are also at greater risk. When he conducts an offline group purchase, he will bring the customer directly into the physical store, and the charge is derived from the amount of the transaction. "If there is no volume, we will not make a commission and minimize the risk of the customer."

Liu Yuxi's approach has attracted many dealers in the Wuhan home furnishing industry, such as TOTO, Zhongyu Kitchen and Bath, and Gujia.

Localized sales as the core

Because there is a certain risk in buying furniture online, it is not as convenient and concise as buying clothes on Taobao. Even the big red star Meikailong in the industry has encountered bottlenecks in development. However, on the basis of summing up the experience of the predecessors, Liu Yuxi followed the model of Melody Mall and sold home products only locally.

Another benefit of localization is that customers can go to the physical store to see and then buy online. Liu Yuxi said, “My customers are all local distributors in Wuhan, and there are physical stores in Wuhan. Consumers enjoy the same installation and after-sales service and the same price in the physical store, but the price is cheaper than the physical store. The dealership will increase greatly, so it is willing to lower the price. If the customer and the physical store are not in the same location, the after-sales and installation will be very troublesome."

Liu Yuxi introduced that the company's online model is mainly reflected in the website of Aishangjia Mall, which belongs to the O2O e-commerce platform (ie, Online To Offline, which also combines the opportunity of offline business with the Internet, making the Internet an offline transaction. Front desk).

Liu Yuxi has many years of industry experience, and his online customer resources are also rich, just need to transfer offline customers online. He introduced that nearly 100 local dealers in Wuhan have joined Aishangjia Mall.

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Teddy Bear

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