Future market momentum for perfume bottles in China


There is a saying "No advantage is the biggest advantage." For the current domestic perfume industry, it can be said that using this sentence is most appropriate. The market that accounts for 20% of the world's population consumes only 1% of the world's perfume. Maybe you will explain that Chinese people's physique determines the demand for perfume is not strong. However, just take a look at coffee, wine, these products in the country after a period of cold after the heat to the present. With the increasing quality of people's lives, the prospect of the perfume market is self-evident.

For the domestic perfume bottle manufacturers, although near Europe and the United States are deeply affected by the debt crisis, but the export of perfume bottles still maintains a relatively large amount, and basically has not been affected. Due to the small domestic market and perfume companies mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States, more than 90% of domestic perfume bottle companies use exports as their main business. However, after nearly three decades of reform and opening up, the foreign perfume bottle market is basically ready for excavation, coupled with the rapid rise in domestic labor costs in recent years. The perfume bottle export market is difficult for the domestic perfume bottle companies to serve as a support point for the sustainable development of the company. The never-developed perfume market in China is the most worthy of attention. It is believed that domestic perfume companies will continue to develop with the rise of this market in the future. This is the user that perfume bottles need to cultivate. At the same time, once the foreign perfume companies rise in the domestic market, they will also set up perfume processing plants in China for cost considerations. These are the perfume bottle companies that need to actively expand in the future market predictions.

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