Heat-resistant packaging


A Japanese plastics company recently developed a new type of heat-resistant plastic packaging material for packaging fast foods, with a deformation temperature of 280°C or more. The instant noodles are filled with this material, and after being flushed into boiling water, the packaging box will not be deformed and the flavor of the fast food can be completely maintained. In Japan, two companies jointly developed a packaging bag that can be used to cook rice. This bag has two layers, the outer layer is nylon with strong heat resistance, the inner layer is polyethylene film, and the water level line for discharging water according to the amount of rice is also printed in the bag. When you use it, just put the rice into the bag, add water to the corresponding water level, and cook the rice in the hot pot for 2 minutes. This package is very suitable for use in the wild.

80%Polyester&20%Polyamide Woven Cloth can be used to Cleaning Cloth and bag.It using orange petal type technology will filament into eight lobes, so that the fibers increase the surface area , pore increase in fabric, with the help of capillary wick effect enhanced absorption effect.High strength synthetic fiber filament , not broken , while using fine weave , not spinning , not off circle , fiber is not easy fall off from the surface.
As the ultra-fine fiber strength , toughness ,and therefore it is more than 4 times the life of ordinary cotton fiber life.The agent and process for the microfiber material to clean the surface of the object at the time will not bring trouble fading pollution.

Material          80%Polyester&20%Polyamide Woven Cloth

Width              140cm,145cm,150cm,153cm,155cm,160cm,etc
Color               red,green,purple,grey,blue,white,orange,yellow,etc
Weight            130gsm~300gsm
Technic           Woven
Application      cleaning cloth, Towel, bathrobe, etc.
Package         rolls with a polybag in side and weave bag out side
MOQ               400M per color

Delivery time:

1. sample time: 3~5 days in general

2. products time: 20 days after samples confirmed

Payment: TT, Paypal, West Union, L/C, D/A, D/P

80%Polyester&20%Polyamide Woven Cloth

80%Polyester&20%Polyamide Woven Cloth

80%Polyester 20%Polyamide Woven Filter Cloth, 80%Polyester 20%Polyamide Plain Woven Filter Cloth, 80%Polyester 20%Polyamide Woven Cleaning Cloth, 80%Polyester 20%Polyamide Woven Glass Cloth

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