How to solve paper optical brightener compensation (OBC)


Fluorescent Brightener (OBA):

Whether you want to print a photographer whose work is hung in an art gallery, or a professional printer who produces billboards, packaging, related materials, or other commercial items, the use of fluorescent brighteners on paper can cause color cast. With X-Rite color management solutions, you can easily correct this phenomenon and generate and display colors in the way you want them to appear. Papermakers often use fluorescent brighteners to make yellowed paper look whiter and brighter.

Individually measured challenges:

No physical filter measurement (no filter)

From a technical point of view, paper containing fluorescent whitening agents will appear slightly blue when measured spectrally, but this does not match what you actually see.

UVcut filter measurement

When measuring with the UVcut filter, the optical brightener on the paper is not triggered, causing the measured value to appear yellow on the paper, but this is still inconsistent with what you actually see.

The best match between the measured value and the visual effect is between these two measurements.

Visual challenge:

The effect of fluorescent brighteners on paper depends on the lighting conditions of the paper. The same paper has different effects under different lighting conditions.

X-Rite Fluorescent Brightener Solution:

When calculating ICC profiles, some applications provide simulation corrections for fluorescent brighteners on paper. These applications often try to compensate for "blue" measurements by adding yellow or removing more than 100% of reflections.

X-Rite Fluorescent Brightener Solution:

If printed paper contains fluorescent brighteners, the best possible match between visual effects and measurement results depends on the ambient light conditions and can be best achieved using the X-Rite Fluorescent Brightener compensation feature in the i1Profiler software match. X-Rite Optical Brighteners provide scientific corrections for measurements, not visual simulations that cannot be replicated in printed samples.

product requirement:

• i1Pro 2 - The first handheld color management spectrometer with dual light source capability for 3 standard measurement environments (ISO 13655 M0: Tungsten; ISO 13655 M1: D50; ISO 13655 M2: UV Cut), And equipped with optical brightener compensation (OBC), no need to change filters or use additional instruments.

• i1iSis or i1iSis XL - Auto Color Table Reader can use UV-cut (visible light other than UV) and UVonly (UV only in the same measurement cycle) to measure the test chart.

• X-Rite i1Profiler color management software.

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