Jin Liyuan Jiang Guoping: Carrying out all-round brand attack


金利源姜国平:与大运共荣 打造健康环保绿色理念

Jiang Guoping, General Manager of Jinliyuan Water Purifier

[Reporter] Please brief us on the company's situation and development history of Jinliyuan.

[Jiang Guoping] Jinliyuan Company can develop to today, first of all, thanks to the long-term care and support of colleagues and distributors in the industry, as well as the efforts of all employees of Jinliyuan.

After more than ten years of hard work, Jinliyuan has become a high-tech water treatment enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It is one of the few companies in China that masters the core technology of water treatment. At present, all aspects of the company's work have been on track, and is developing rapidly and healthily in the direction of the reservation; it is true that the company has encountered many difficulties and setbacks in the development process, especially in the initial stage, but in the company's entire staff Working together, we have overcome the difficulties of technology, capital, market risks, and successfully upgraded the products. In 2009, we moved the company to the Xiangyuer High-tech Industrial Park with elegant environment. The company has a new look and opened Jinli. A new chapter in the rapid development of the source.

[Reporter] Recently, Jinliyuan supplied the water purification equipment of the Universiade. What is the basic situation of this supply?

[Jiang Guoping] As the designated supplier of this Universiade, Jinliyuan provided water purification equipment for the Universiade in the spirit of “common with the Universiade”, which is the same as the quality we promised to the consumers. The products provided have also undergone strict quality control, and the maintenance team of the Dayun Water Purification Equipment has set up a whole process to track and maintain the equipment to ensure the safety and smoothness of drinking water during the Universiade; Look, the direct drinking water project of the Universiade has been recognized and praised by everyone, and has achieved good results.

[Reporter] Successfully cooperated with the Universiade. What do you think is the core competitiveness of Jinliyuan's products?

[Jiang Guoping] Jinliyuan can join hands with the Universiade and become a supplier. It is the result of a combination of various factors. Since its establishment, the company has been building a brand of water purification products with the green concept of “health, environmental protection and fashion”. + The efficient mode of talents, combined with modern scientific management, has achieved considerable results. With high-quality products, good brand image, perfect service and geographical advantages, Jinliyuan has obtained the opportunity of this Universiade supplier, as far as the product itself is concerned. The cutting-edge technology, including six-dimensional purification technology, has always been the core of our Jinliyuan product competitiveness.

[Reporter] At present, what are the characteristics of Jinliyuan's channel layout and product structure?

[Jiang Guoping] The essential proposition of channel operation is the strategic deployment of regions and products. The key to this is whether the two can be organically combined to form the unique characteristics of regional products. Jinliyuan's channel layout has spread all over the country. At present, it has formed a comprehensive coverage of points, lines and surfaces. The corresponding product system is also mature and perfect. We have established an effective analysis mechanism to analyze different characteristics of different channels in a targeted manner. Carrying out product launches, so that our entire channel work can be targeted.

[Reporter] What is the market phenomenon that you are most concerned about in 2011, and why?

[Jiang Guoping] Not only this year, I have been paying attention to a phenomenon for many years. This is the conflict between the commercial competition of the market and the culture, especially the traditional culture. I think this is not just the concern of me, a person who really does business, he can’t Avoid this topic.

From a philosophical point of view, it really cannot achieve harmony and perfection through its own internal adjustment, so objectively it needs an external thrust to promote it as a coordinated state. The force is inevitably a social person and a person who is an independent thinker. This issue has always been the focus of people's attention. The research on this issue has its conclusions different because of its different aspects and degrees, but we can see that the discussion of this issue is deepening and deep, as a thinking of doing business. For more, we want to see the deeper reasons behind the phenomenon and find an effective solution.

[Reporter] What is the development goal of Jinliyuan within 3 to 5 years?

[Jiang Guoping] For a long period of time in the future, Jinliyuan adheres to the market-oriented, closely combines the company's macro-control with the flexible deployment of market terminals, and actively promotes and adjusts various market strategies to achieve steady market growth; Constantly strengthen the construction of its own software and hardware facilities, concentrate the strength of the company, promote the short and long, and strive to build a brand image, especially to grasp the good starting platform of this Universiade, carry out all-round brand attack, and strive for the company in all aspects. There is a breakthrough in progress.

[Reporter] Thank you for accepting our exclusive interview!

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