Let your bubble eyes disappear forever!


Having a pair of young, beautiful and moving eyes is what everyone wants, eyes are the window of the soul, but it will also leak your age.

Let your bubble eyes disappear forever!

Because of the different reasons for the formation of the bags under the eyes, the form of the eye bags is also different:

1. Simple orbital phlegm thickening eye bags: Due to hereditary factors, there are lower eye bags when young. Its outstanding feature is that it is close to the chin margin, and it is continuously distributed in a curved shape. The skin is not slack, and it is more common in young people aged 20-32.

2, simple skin relaxation type: This situation is the lower jaw and external skin relaxation, but no septum relaxation, so no fat separation of the septum, fine wrinkles around the eyes, more common in middle-aged people 33-45 years old.

3, lower sputum light moderate bulging type: mainly congenital over-development of sputum fat, more common in young people aged 23-36.

4, squat in the middle of severe bulging type: accompanied by squat skin relaxation, mainly the skin, orbicularis and diaphragmatic relaxation, causing septal fat due to gravity prolapse, severe external iliac ligament relaxation, seesaw Eversion, separation of the ball, often tears, more common in the middle-aged and elderly people aged 45-68.

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