Make-up key skin color contrasts natural and bright


The sleek and crystal-clear skin, with the sense of distance, reveals a vibrant and energetic posture.

The use of foundation creams and concealer pens is the key to the entire make-up. The foundation cream should use the pink series, because the pink color is very good for the skin color, and the skin color is naturally bright.

After using the concealer pen, even if you don't apply a thick layer of foundation cream, you can perfectly cover the flaws on your face. In this way, the skin will have a moisturizing feeling that penetrates from the inside out, and the whole face will look very feminine and feminine.

Apply foundation cream to five places and quickly melt it into the skin.

The key is to use the pink series of foundation cream. Apply a proper amount of foundation cream to the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Then use both hands to quickly apply on the face to improve the fusion of the skin and the base cream.

Liquid foundation cream mixed with emulsion

Take a small amount of liquid foundation cream by hand, then take a small amount of emulsion and mix them together. This not only reduces the amount of foundation cream but also improves the moisturizing effect of the skin.

Apply a foundation cream with both hands

Apply foundation cream and lotion with your fingers, so that it can be quickly absorbed by the skin. The temperature of the fingers can be applied more evenly and make the skin look natural.

Use a puff to remove excess oil

Use a puff to pat the face from the inside out to achieve a perfect compatibility between the foundation cream and the skin. And effectively remove excess oil from the face.

The secret of beautiful skin is in the cheeks.

Put a puff on your cheeks to make it look pale.

Use a concealer pen to cover up the flaws on your face

The inner corner of the eyelid below is radially obscured by the base point. When it is applied from the inner corner of the eye that is easy to dim, it will naturally appear brighter than other parts. Use a concealer that is slightly brighter than your skin tone.

The use of powder to make the makeup look soft and beautiful

Since the center of the face looks bright and solid, so gently puff the powder with the T-shaped part and the bridge of the nose, you can use a large blush brush to achieve a thin and even effect.


1. In order to effectively cover the acne and freckles on your face, you can use a concealer pen that is slightly thicker than your own skin color. When using it, pay attention to cover the area with the surface of the pen and then slowly apply it.

2, gently pat the cheek with your finger belly, so that it is well melted into the skin, pay attention to the range of fingers should not be too large.

3, when using the concealer pen, pay attention to repeat the cover with a small line.

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