Moisturize your skin all day long


In the face of no watery skin, what we need is not to be discouraged and helpless, but to seek better and faster solutions. Don't hesitate, now recommend skin all-day care steps for you, take care of your skin all day long , and be able to moisturize 24H on dry winter days!

Moisturize your skin all day long


Going to work, facing the air conditioner and the computer, the moisture in the skin is also lost a little. In this case, the small moisturizing spray can help solve the problem of drinking water to the skin, just spray it directly on the skin and massage it gently. At present, many brands have launched moisturizing sprays, so give it a try. At the same time, you can also make your own moisturizing spray. Dilute the rose essential oil with distilled water to make the best moisturizing spray.

Of course, drinking plenty of water is also the best way to add moisture. It is cheap and simple, and it must be adhered to.

Moisturize your skin all day long


The skin becomes dry and has a very close impact on eating habits. According to beauty experts, in order to maintain the elasticity and moisture of the skin, you should eat more foods rich in collagen protein. Collagen is the main component in the skin, accounting for more than 71% of the protein content in skin cells. Collagen makes cells full. Collagen has a very important role in filling the skin and keeping the skin elastic and moisturized. Collagen-containing foods mainly include meat skin, pig's trotters, beef tendons, fresh fish, etc.; when eating lunch, eat more of these foods, eat both the stomach and the moisturizing ingredients from the food, kill two birds with one stone, and then eat an orange after meals. When you wait for the fruit, the effect is even better.

Moisturize your skin all day long

at night

Skin care should be carried out before 10 pm, because the skin cells are most active from 11:00 to 2 am. At this time, high-quality skin care products should be used to achieve deep nourishment.

The first is thorough cleaning, so that the skin can breathe smoothly; one or two deep moisturizing masks can be done once a week. After this step, further moisturizing treatment is needed, which can provide deeper nourishment to skin cells. Rich in moisture. Apply the toner on the face with a cleansing cotton pad. After these steps of conditioning the skin, the dry skin can be moisturized and wrinkle-removing. If you want to lighten the pigment spots, you can gently massage the face with natural beauty cosmetics. Cream or moisturizing night cream, the skin care program is finished.

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