New structure of concave and convex composite cardboard


A new type of corrugated cardboard with the advantages of two types of corrugated and honeycomb paperboards has been successfully developed in Jinan Jin Shangyi Industrial Co., Ltd., Shandong Province.

After preliminary inspection, the concave and convex composite cardboard mainly has the following characteristics:

1, high strength. Uniform strength distribution, no direction i é™›, bending strength in all directions, flat compressive strength, impact strength are the same. 2, the surface of the plate is flat. The thickness and thickness of the paperboard can be adjusted, and it can be double-layered; the paper and dough paper can be obtained without the high-gram weight paper, so that the printing performance is better. 3, not easily deformed. 4, save raw materials. After the core paper is pressed and embossed, the total length of the paper remains unchanged, and the core paper discharge rate is almost 100%, which is much higher than that of the corrugated cardboard. 5, the processing process is simple. The corrugated board processing line can be used, and only corrugated rollers can be used instead of corrugating rollers.

It is reported that the structural invention of the concave-convex composite board and related manufacturing technologies have been authorized and accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office, and have obtained international protection priority.

Source: Guangdong Printing

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