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Patagonia (Patagonia): Top brand of outdoor clothing

Patagonia, a brand that may make people feel strangers, if you want to think of top brands of outdoor clothing, what brand do you think of? Arc'Teryx, MHW, Osprey, Lowe Alpine, Granite Gear, Marmot, TheNorthFace, Slewa, Vaude..... but you are likely to forget about a brand that can be regarded as the real top outdoor brand in the world. Not weaker than any of the brands mentioned above. Since it has not yet entered the Chinese market, many people in China may not have heard of it. This is Patagonia, one of the top brands of outdoor apparel. Patagonia is a global leader in the design and marketing of functional and lifestyle apparel, and is the Gucci brand of American outdoor brands. For more than 30 years, Patagonia has been leading the development of environmentally conscious and innovative outdoor function products and manufacturing technology. As the leading outdoor equipment manufacturer in the United States, Patagonia has always seemed to serve only enthusiastic fans and mountaineers. Its outstanding features are exquisite detail designs.

Patagonia (Patagonia) Contact information: Affiliation: China Outdoor Goods Retail Trade Association (CORA)
Contact phone brand fax to 11
Contact address: East of Building 4, South Square, No. 8 Gaojing Cultural Media Industrial Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Post code: 100123

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