Pepsi limited beverage bottle Expo is booming


In the United States Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the official beverage sponsor and international beverage giant Pepsi Co., Ltd. launched the "Pepsi Cola Shanghai Commemorative Edition Packaging," a "Pepsi-Harmony" beverage bottle, and held a grand press conference. The limited-edition new beverage bottle packaging has been enthusiastically sought after by consumers. It is reported that the "PepsiCo Harmony" Shanghai commemorative version of the beverage bottle packaging is Pepsi (Greater China) tailor-made for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. In terms of beverage bottle material, it not only adopts the stylish and cool all-encompassing bottle-laminated laser film technology; it is also innovative and interesting in design, and two popular art sculptures “Harmony” and “Harmony” are exhibited in the Shanghai World Expo Park. The "harmonious" pandas were printed on drink bottles and embraced metal-colored, sparkling and unique red and blue Pepsi logo balls; the bottle body was combined with brand logos, played with the "Shanghai Landmark Architecture" schema design, and "harmony". The creation of “Pepsi” and “Pepsi” by Zhang Qian, the creator of the Panda, further packaged this “Pepsi-Harmonious” beverage bottle in a distinctive Chinese traditional charm, and was also full of creative avant-garde concepts. Refreshing, highly collectible.

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