Senior makeup artist teaches you to distinguish cosmetics


Always Longshehunza cosmetics market, and for the beauty of the ladies, pick a their favorite cosmetics is a very heavy miscellaneous things, so, in this, the United States Li Peipei senior makeup artist to talk about how special resolution of cosmetics Good or bad.

First, the emulsion:

1. Smell the taste. Good product ingredients are pure and do not require strong flavors to suppress product odor.

2. If it is a lotion, take a cup of water and pour the lotion into the water a little. If it floats on the water, prove that it contains petroleum ester (this is not recommended for cosmetics now), and the water becomes milky white. It is proved that the emulsifier is contained inside, and such a cosmetic is not good. If it is poured into the water, the emulsion sinks to the bottom and proves to be free of oleate. This is usable. Oilstone ester can damage the skin, causing dry and dehydrated skin, because it is the main reason for clogged pores. Over time, the pores will become larger and larger.

Second, the cream:

1. Put a little in the ordinary spoon and take the fire until it is completely burnt. If there is black residue, it is all kinds of additives. The more the more additives are proved, then put a cotton core in the spoon and put the cotton core on. You will see that the water will emit black smoke, and such products are not good.

Third, the essence:

For liquid essence, be sure to observe the color and shape of the essence when purchasing. If it is found to be turbid, precipitated or discolored, such essence can not be used. Consumers of oily, hemorrhagic and other susceptible skin must be cautious when purchasing and using the essence. Even if you purchase, you should choose an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal essence.

Fourth, cleansing milk: there is a faint fragrance, squeezed in the hand should be water, no greasy feeling. Use fire to put the facial cleanser into the spoon and burn it with fire. If it is splashed with oil, it is not a good facial cleanser. If it is more like milk, it means a good facial cleanser.

Take a PH test strip and try it out. Just squeeze it onto the test strip and you will know.

Five, lotion :

1. Shake hard, watch the bubbles after shaking.

a. Bubbles are rare, indicating less nutrients.

b. Bubbles are large but large, indicating that they contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid cleansing effect is better, but the irritation is easy to be allergic.

c. The bubbles are very thin and quickly disappear, indicating alcohol. Do not use it for a long time, it is easy to damage the protective film of the skin.

d. The bubble is delicate and rich, and there is a thick layer, and it will last for a long time, that is good water.

2. Good quality and no alcohol. It has a cool feeling when it is not used well, and it smells like alcohol.

3. The general lotion has color. If the storage location is improper, it is often exposed to sunlight or stored for too long, the color will become lighter. 4. The toner bottle is non-transparent, never buy it. Because it is impossible to identify.

Six, cleansing milk:

1. When you choose, you should first wipe the oily foundation or waterproof lipstick. The products such as mascara are on the back of the hand, then pour the cleansing milk and evenly spread it to see if it is easy to blend with the makeup, and you can wipe it with a facial tissue. Drop it. The makeup remover that has been placed in the store for a long time will be like a bean flower or a salty soy milk.

2. Moisturizing products, many of which are made of mineral oil, you apply them to the paper, and after a while, the excess is wiped off. If it is moisturized, the paper will wrinkle. If it is made of mineral oil, then you You will find that it is transparent!

3. You can also squeeze the product onto the iron spoon, and then there is a fire to heat it. If it contains mineral oil, the oil will come out!

4. When the face cream is filled, if it is a finished product with good technique and fine texture, its surface layer will have a uniform and smooth shape, and no large and small holes will appear.

Now you can safely choose the cosmetics you like. Of course, when choosing, be careful.

Seven, foundation:

1. Take an appropriate amount into the water and observe the reaction. Generally, three things will happen: stick to the side of the cup, float on the water and sink to the bottom of the cup.

These three cases illustrate the ingredients they contain. A good product is not sticking to the side of the cup, not floating, not sinking the bottom of the cup.

a. Sticking to the side of the cup is animal oil.

b. Floating on the water is mineral oil.

c. Heavy metal, lead, mercury, etc. are deposited at the bottom of the cup.

Eight, make-up :

Find a silverware, put on cosmetics or make-up, and blackening the silver will indicate that there is lead and mercury in the cosmetics.

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