Skin care tips during weight loss


After losing weight, the skin has become slack, dull, and has a small wrinkle. What should I do?
128 pounds, 120 pounds, 110 pounds, this is my heartbeat number, just two months, my body shape has become ups and downs from abundance, but now the mood is mixed, happy is the success of weight loss, worry The skin that was originally stretched stretched out, lost its elasticity and luster, and brought small wrinkles. Excuse me, is there any special skin care method in such a special period? Is it possible to use cosmetics ?

First of all, weight loss can not be too fast, it should be controlled to lose 3 to 5 pounds in one month. If it has been reduced, it should be shaped immediately. You can go to the beauty salon to do professional shaping, or you can do it yourself. The specific method is :

Plastic wrap used to store food in the refrigerator at home

Shaped part

Face - After the evening cleansing and skin care procedures are completed, wrap the face with a plastic wrap and hold it for half an hour. Skin care products should try to choose hydrating and increase skin elasticity. In addition, you must eat collagen, and the intake of vitamins should be increased appropriately.

Body - shower at night, apply some moisturizing body cream, or apply some pure olive oil to increase the moisture of the skin. Then wrap the arms and legs like bandages with plastic wrap, especially the buttocks, and hold them up for half an hour. Don't lie down all the way, erect best, if you feel tired, you can lie or lie for a while.

There are two more points to note. First, before going to be sure to remove all plastic wrap, otherwise it would completely suffocate the skin; the second is like bamboo for ages, special attention should also be easy to maintain weight loss during aging eye and neck, it is recommended to professional beauty hospital Receive anti-aging care.

If you take the above care from the beginning of weight loss, you can still find the feeling of "playing the piano" on the skin. If you have already lost it, you can think of it. It doesn't matter. Generally speaking, after four or five times, you can see the effect, but you must stick to it.

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