Song Hye Kyo silky skin makes people look good and beautiful


Korean beauty Song Hye Kyo is a beautiful woman in the circle. She has always paid great attention to whitening and maintenance. Recently, the Korean drama "Winter Year is blowing in the wind" has won good ratings. Let us take a look at Song Huiqiao's silky beautiful porcelain muscles. Develop a cheat.

Song Hye Kyo silky skin makes people look good

Porcelain muscle experience: milk makes the skin smooth

Song Hye Kyo said that the secret of whitening silk is to wash your face with milk every day, and often use a milk mask to make your skin look velvety and smooth. In the busy filming on the set, in order to alleviate the fatigue of the skin, the skin remains elastic.

Homemade Milk Whitening Mask:

Mix 1 tablespoon of milk with a few drops of olive oil and a small amount of flour, mix well and apply to the cleaned face. After the (milk) mask is dry, rinse with warm water. This mask smoothes wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.

Porcelain muscle experience two: away from the food that is not good for the skin

The secret is to stay away from all foods that are not good for your skin. For example, chocolate, cola, black tea and other irritating foods, Song Hye Kyo is determined not to eat. And she eats more fruits, such as grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, cherries, and papayas.

Specially added beverages that can be used for beauty and beauty, such as ginseng tea and lemon juice. The nutrients of ginseng can accelerate blood circulation, have a rosy complexion effect, and lemon has a whitening effect. In addition, when the filming sleep is insufficient, Song Huiqiao will definitely eat more fruits to supplement the water and vitamins, hoping to strengthen whitening from the inside out.

Song Hye Kyo silky skin makes people look good

Porcelain muscle experience three: honey whitening is very effective

The secret of smooth and white skin is that she loves honey skin care, a spoonful of honey, a powder of milk powder, and a clear egg. It is evenly mixed into a mask. Apply a thin layer on the face with a cotton swab. After 20 minutes, wash it off with warm water. . It is recommended twice a week and has a significant effect on dry skin.

Porcelain muscle experience four: eye cream sunscreen open sky

Girls must be eye-catching to prevent aging. They must use eye cream every day to keep their eyes moist. Sunscreens can block UV rays. They must be used every day. They should not relax and prevent being sunburned.

Porcelain muscle experience five: cucumber mask is the first aid magic weapon

The cucumber mask is mainly based on moisturizing and moisturizing, and also has the effect of whitening, and it is also possible to remove acne and remove acne marks. After adding the juice to the cucumber, add the milk, mix thoroughly, add the mask paper soaked, fully foam and apply it on the cleaned face, use the small spray bottle to fill the remaining cucumber milk juice, and apply more cucumber while applying the mask. Milk juice, keep the mask moist for a long time. After 30 minutes, remove the mask and wash your face with water. >>>

Create a flawless white sacral muscle for effective rapid acne

Song Hye Kyo is a spokesperson for many beauty and skin care products. She usually has her own unique experience in skin care and beauty. Today, Song Hye Kyo also taught a way to make the face look smaller. That is to use the cool cold block and cold jade to massage the tired skin in summer. This will make the skin feel tight and give off fresh radiance.

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