Tailored cytomegalovirus can help T cells detect more SIV


According to a new study, a designed cytomegalovirus (CMV) has fundamentally changed the activity of T cells to protect rhesus monkeys from SIV infection; SIV in monkeys is equivalent to human HIV.

Scott Hansen and colleagues have recently reported a CMV strain designed to express certain SIV proteins, so that vaccinated monkeys can control SIV infection. Now they report that this particular vaccine vector will drive A very unique immune response from CD8 + T cells. They said that when they met the designed CMV strain called 68-1 RhCMV, CD8 + T cells would initiate a much stronger response than their usual immune response to SIV. In the presence of 68-1 RhCMV, CD8 + T cells can target the epitope of SIV—or a small fragment of an antigenic protein—and these antigenic epitopes usually avoid Designed viral vectors or immune responses stimulated only by SIV infection. According to the researchers, CD8 + T cells usually only respond to antigens presented by cells belonging to the major histocompatibility complex of class I-or MHC-I, but 68-1 RhCMV produces anti-MHC-I CD8 + T cells react with MHC-II molecules.

Their results show that CMV vectors can affect CD8 + T cells by genetic programming so that they can recognize a wider range of SIV epitopes. These findings may eventually lead to more effective treatments for HIV, and a "Viewpoint" article by Nilu Goonetilleke and Andrew McMichael explains these results in more detail.

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