Talking about High-fidelity Color Printing of Metal Containers


The decoration of metal with tinplate as an example is to copy the colors and patterns onto the surface of the tinplate by printing. By the end of the 20th century, there were three generations of technology used for tinplate printing. They were: First generation, typographic printing: printing and reproduction of patterns/text, lines, and patches of color with the help of letterpress printing; second generation, photography and printing: Photographic reproduction is a symbol to achieve image-level tone printing and copying; Third generation, color printing: Combining four-color printing and electronic color separation technology to realize full-color image printing and copying. The traditional metal printing has lithographic offset printing and roll printing, and the tinplate is mainly offset by flat offset printing. Because the tinplate substrate is not absorbent, the oven curing process is used to volatilize the solvent in the ink. Affected by the limitations of the printing equipment and process environment, it is also affected by various factors such as substrate and ink. For a long time, tinplate printing products have low color saturation, small color gamut, poor pattern reproducibility, easily deformed dots, and precision and color difference control. Printing is more difficult. In order to truly reproduce the original image style, a high-fidelity, wide-gamut high-fidelity metal printing technology came into being.

In the late 1990s, Pantone in the United States, VISU in the Netherlands, LTG in the United Kingdom in the beginning of the new century, B+K in Germany, Greo in Canada, Xpose in Switzerland, etc. have successively developed high fidelity with high definition, high image-level copying effect, and expanded color gamut range. Color printing technology, this technology is a highly realistic color printing replication technology with the original, called the fourth generation printing technology. The core of the fourth-generation printing technology is to use the latest results of computer information and image processing, and to use modern ink technology to achieve high-definition and wide-gamut high-fidelity printing iron. Generally, the use of the amplitude modulation network above 200 Lpi and the frequency modulation of 2540 dpi, and the printing of dots below 2×2 is called high definition printing. The area of ​​350 lines is one quarter of the area of ​​175 lines. Obviously, the finer lines can more clearly express the details in the image, so that the visual clarity is greatly improved. Super 4 color (5-7 colors) image reproduction is generally called wide color printing. Due to the wide color gamut, color purity, saturation, brightness, etc. are closer to spot colors than four colors. The combination of high-definition printing and wide-gamut printing produces high-fidelity printing, demonstrating the following advantages:

1)Colorful, bright and bright;

2) The level is clear, soft and strong in texture;

3) Rich levels of shadowing, especially for parts of the conventional four-color that are difficult to reproduce, such as fluorescent colors, can be truly expressed;

4) In multi-type imposition printing, the reproduction of a large-area bright-backed background requires the use of spot colors. The new technology can not only better solve the thick printing on the visual, but also take into account the other levels of color density, which will help reduce the The use of color; 5) has a clear printing anti-counterfeiting features, through the color of the first line of anti-counterfeiting, the network of second-line anti-counterfeiting and integrated anti-counterfeiting to produce excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. Color line security is based on the need to develop an area to adjust the out of a color space as a security zone, to achieve customer-specific anti-copy, anti-forging anti-counterfeiting purposes. The second-line anti-counterfeiting of the network is to express the same color through the size and number of the network points and the change of the network shape, so that the authenticity can be easily recognized by a tool such as a magnifying glass. Integrated anti-counterfeiting is the combination of color anti-counterfeiting and network anti-counterfeiting to achieve individualized, differentiated, eye-catching, and enhanced attention.

6) greatly improve the prepress processing accuracy and timeliness, suitable for remote customers and pre-press processing of foreign orders. The high-resolution, wide color gamut, high-fidelity iron printing technology and products co-developed by COFCO Meite and Beijing Jiajia Tianshi Electronics Co., Ltd. are based on the traditional iron printing technology, making full use of the latest computer image processing technology, precise color measurement control technology, and printing. Process parameters optimization and adjustment techniques, ink analysis and processing techniques and other means, breaking through the traditional 175Lpi four-color printing iron, up to 350Lpi ultra-high-definition four-color wide-gamut printing iron, so that the printed image level more delicate, more abundant, brighter and brighter colors. It has taken an important step towards promoting the high-speed, process-oriented high-speed production of four-color, six-color, and multi-color one-time continuous printing iron by promoting the traditional printing of iron from China to modern digital printing. Its high-fidelity products are first popularized in the high-grade metal container market, fine engineering and related industries, especially beverages, milk powder cans, food miscellaneous cans, moon cakes, chocolates, candy, and paints, coatings, cosmetics, and craft gifts that require high decoration. Applicable to packaging such as boxes and metal caps. This technology has passed the ministerial appraisal in December 2003, and the expert appraisal committee unanimously passed the appraisal of “High Definition Hi-Fi Technology and Products” of Hangzhou Zhongliang Meite Container Co., Ltd. We believe that a new generation of metal printing technology that is suitable for China's national conditions will enable end customers to enjoy the enjoyment of high-fidelity beauty. It can be expected that this method of leading the new trend of printing technology will soon be promoted in the field of metal packaging, providing China's metal packaging into the world Technical Support. Zhongyuan Printing Network

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