The 51st Milan International Furniture Fair in Italy is about to open


From April 17th to 22nd, 2012, the 51st Italian International Furniture Exhibition in Milan, Italy. Known as one of the world's three major furniture exhibitions, Milan International Furniture Fair , since its inception in 1961, has formed Milan International Furniture Fair, Milan International Kitchenware Fair, International Bathroom Furniture Fair, Milan International Lighting Fair, Milan International Furniture Semi-finished Products and Accessories Exhibition. Series exhibitions such as the Satellite Salon Exhibition. With the perfection of this truly "exhibition system", Italy has been the world's largest exporter of furniture and decorative products for many years.

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The Milan Furniture Fair is held in mid-April every year, including the annual home furniture exhibition and decoration exhibition. The biennial lighting exhibition is held in odd years, while the kitchen furniture exhibition is held in even years. Since the relocation of the Milan International Furniture Fair in 2006 to the new exhibition hall, the scale of the exhibition has also expanded accordingly. In the new exhibition hall of architectural design, the effect is outstanding and eye-catching. For the famous Milan furniture exhibition, this major change will undoubtedly give The world furniture industry has brought a wealth of imagination and expectation.

Range of exhibition:

Bathroom, living room, bedroom, dining room, hall furniture, lamps, hall and garden decoration, vine furniture, children's furniture, suspended furniture, temporary furniture, metal furniture, garden furniture, kitchen furniture exhibition, office furniture, etc.

The 50th Milan International Furniture Fair 2011 was held on April 12th at the New International Exhibition Center in Milan. This year's adjustment was made. The office furniture exhibition held in even years was not held this year, but was adjusted to 2011. In the year, it will be held with the European Lighting Fair.

Visitors: 329,563 (including 32,103 open to the public on Sunday) increased by 7% over the previous session; 56% came from all over the world.

Media reporter: 5791 (including 5110 from all over the world)

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