The advantages of high-speed inkjet technology


Simpler operation

Inkjet printing equipment does not require a large number of adjustments by the operator, unlike traditional printing equipment, and requires very little operator skill. Inkjet equipment also needs maintenance, and even more complex adjustments, but in most cases, these tasks are done by manufacturers, vendors, or after-sales service personnel, and have little to do with the operator of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, even those who have never received any training can easily grasp the operation of inkjet printing equipment in a short time, which is difficult to do in the traditional printing field.

Inkjet printing technology is complicated, but this complexity is reflected in the control technology and the device itself, and the operation for the operator is very simple.

Inkjet (special ink for reflective materials) printing is affecting the traditional printing industry at a stifling development rate. In this alternation of technology, the pattern of printing is changing, and the way in which printing exists is also changing. The only thing that remains unchanged is the pursuit of improving the material and spiritual life.

Consumables are more environmentally friendly

In the development of inkjet printing technology, solvent-type and alcohol-soluble inks have been developed from the perspective of technical applications. However, as people's awareness of environmental protection has grown, the consumables for inkjet printing are now returning. Water-based ink, and this regression is completely without any technical obstacles. This is also an inherent advantage of inkjet printing technology.

The earliest ink used in ink jet printing was waterborne. Since the ink jet technology directly ejects ink droplets onto the substrate through nozzles, what kind of ink is used as a solvent does not affect the ink jet technology itself.

Whether it is water-based ink or UV ink, in terms of environmental protection, ink-jet printing does have other advantages unparalleled in other printing methods.

In recent years, UV inks for inkjet printing have also been developed to meet the needs of a wider range of applications. UV inks use UV curing technology, which also has no VOC emissions during its transformation process. Therefore, it is also an environmentally friendly ink.

Wide range of printing

In the final analysis, printing is a kind of copying technology. It is to copy images and images onto substrates. The traditional printing technology is divided into four ways: convex, flat, concave, and drain. The common feature of these four printing methods is the need to realize the reproduction of graphic images through printing plates. Among them, in addition to the most commonly used screen printing in the missed printing, curved printing can be achieved, and other printing methods can only be printed on flat media.

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