The three major trends in the development of the home industry are worthy of attention.


In 2013, it has already passed the half- deer , and the Chengdu home furnishing industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Recently, the reporter learned from the "Shanghai-Chengdu Cooperation and Development" forum held by the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association in Rong. In the first half of this year, leading enterprises in the building materials industry achieved a certain degree of sales growth, but many enterprises are unavoidable. The profit rate has dropped. In response to changes in the market, the building materials industry has to seek breakthroughs by improving service quality and expanding new marketing methods and marketing channels. In particular, the three major trends are worthy of attention.

Exhibition marketing increased bargaining will buy a group will become a wind

In recent years, alumni recorded that after the group purchase marketing succeeded in the development of consumer markets such as tourism, catering, movie entertainment, etc., Chengdu home building materials industry is also constantly interpreting its own group purchase marketing model. Especially in recent years, affected by real estate regulation and control, the overall performance of the home furnishing industry is not good. Therefore, merchants are more enthusiastic to participate in various group purchases to achieve incremental growth. Therefore, from the initial website group purchase to the last June, major websites, TV stations, newspapers have organized a variety of bargaining sessions, and now even reached a few days of the grand event.

Word of mouth marketing to enhance service quality and achieve sales

In addition to the increase in exhibition marketing, Lu Dingji , Chengdu's leading building materials companies feel the deepest is that in the first half of this year, the entire Chengdu home building materials market has some recovery compared with last year, corporate sales have increased by more than 20%, but the profit margin has decreased.

According to Wu Min, vice president of Chengdu Cabinet Industry Association and general manager of Chengdu Baiwei Kaicheng Technology Co., Ltd., in the first half of this year, the company’s sales growth rate exceeded expectations, reaching 30%, but it was affected by real estate regulation in previous years. The era of high growth in a simple way has completely passed. At the same time, the world leader, Shanghai Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe Branch President, Shanghai Hezhao Household Products Co., Ltd. General Manager (Ou Caro Cabinet) Xu Yu analysis, labor costs and market development costs increased to reduce corporate profit margins, the company in the first half of this year Production growth exceeded 30%, but in terms of turnover and profit, it was slightly lower than last year. Faced with this situation, Liu Bo, president of the flooring division of Shengda Group, said that in terms of Chengdu, the key is to do “fine products” and improve the quality of product services. The Chengdu market has changed from an olive type to a spindle-type focus real estate network . On the one hand, people with spending power have not been affected by the adjustment of the real estate industry and the economic situation. On the other hand, the economic growth rate is gradually slowing down, and consumers' consideration of prices has become more apparent.

Concerned about the renovation of the old house, the second transformation market is increasingly prominent

In the first half of this year, regardless of the home improvement or building materials industry, the secondary renovation market of old houses has gradually attracted the attention of businesses. This has brought great development opportunities to the industries such as HVAC and cabinets. In particular, the HVAC industry has surpassed the network over the same period last year, and the growth rate has even reached more than 40%.

The largest sales volume of power in the country, whether in Shanghai or Chengdu, sales in the first half of this year have maintained double-digit growth, compared with 40%-50% in the same period last year, of which the second renovation of the old house is indispensable. . At the same time, Wu Min, general manager of Budweiser Kaicheng cabinets, said that this year, the company also began to feel the increase in sales in the secondary transformation market, but the overall ratio is not very large. Recently, the company is also thinking about whether to set up a special one. The department helped the customer to dismantle the old cabinets, and the details are still under discussion.

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