Throat age, retain beautiful youth


The most representative of the throat age is the sound, and the voice is called the woman's second face. Its beauty is a metaphor for age, and it is not easy to disguise - the advancement of skin care and cosmetology can cover the age of our faces, but the sound of the years will reveal everything. If you don't want this "face" to be older than you, you can't help but throat and protect your vocal cords.

Throat ageing program

1, rock sugar + 荸荠 + tea. Both medlar and green tea have the effect of thirst, heat and detoxification. The moisturizing and nourishing effect of rock sugar is the strongest. Regularly eating these things can moisturize the throat and protect the vocal cords.

2. Use a hot water to make a sauna for the scorpion. When the sore throat hurts, you can pour a cup of hot water, open your mouth to breathe hot air, and make a sauna for the scorpion, which can relieve the dry itching of the scorpion. However, note that the water temperature should not exceed 50 ° C. The hot air released by the excessive water temperature is likely to damage the oral mucosa. Each "sauna" time is controlled in about 20 minutes.

3. Avoid behavior that damages the voice. For example, drink a cold or overheated drink, eat a lot of irritating food or eat too salty, smoke, stay up all night.

Medical means: voice surgery

In Europe and the United States, there is an independent discipline in the five senses of medicine, called "language pathology", which mainly studies the voice. Some hospitals in China have opened up a voice clinic. The doctors use the three steps of vocal cord examination, voice evaluation and aesthetic training to guide the correct use of sputum. We will learn two tricks now to make the sound more beautiful.

1. Pay attention to the speed of speech when speaking. Too fast is also a kind of damage to the vocal cords. A short pause must be made in the middle of each sentence to inhale, otherwise the speech is too fast, the inhalation is insufficient, the amount of exhalation cannot be maintained for a length of time, and the remaining air in the lungs is barely used, which is also likely to cause tension in the chest and neck muscles.

2, protect the vocal vocal method. Especially when making a long speech, you should take such a posture: the whole body is relaxed, the head is straight, the chest is naturally raised, the shoulders are sinking, the front lower abdomen is in the middle of the eyebrows, and the back and neck are combined with the back and the waist. In a line. In this way, the muscles of the throat can be relaxed, and the muscle groups around the vocal cords can be coordinated and coordinated to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing snoring damage.

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