Vacuum Packer New Product Features Introduction


DZ500/2SE stainless steel dual-chamber vacuum packaging machine is suitable for vacuum packaging of pickles, grain products, soy products, fish, poultry and other foods using plastic composite film packaging bags to achieve the functions of oxidation prevention and mildew resistance, and can effectively Extend the shelf life of packaged goods, especially for liquid materials with high fluidity to prevent material spillage.

This model has two vacuum chambers that work alternately. Two sets of sealing devices that are heated at the same time, computer automatic program control, vacuum degree, sealing temperature can be adjusted, and vacuum and sealing are completed once.

Introduction to new product features of stainless steel dual chamber vacuum packaging machine

A-Bulk Cap, T-Cover, Q-Inflator, B-busch Pump, C-External Pump 2X-15

1) Full stainless steel recessed

2) New Computer Controller

3) Silicone Rubber Seals

4) Upper convex upper vacuum chamber

5) Configurable BUSCH pump

6) Surface sandblasting

Half Metal Ball Pens

Half Metal Ball Pens, Semi-metal Ball Point Pens

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