Water wins ink environmental protection highlights the huge impact on the printing market


When environmental protection began to intervene in the printing industry, water-based inks were highlighted for their unique environmental features. Ink and wash inks have had a huge impact on the flexible packaging market.

According to reports, water-based flexographic inks account for 37% of the packaging market, such as in the narrow-band label printing process has absolute advantages, other applications include folding cardboard, grocery bags, merchandise storage bags, multi-layer paper bags, corrugated cardboard and envelopes Waterborne flexographic printing, as the manager of the Technical Marketing Department of Sun Chemicals once pointed out: The application of ink and wash ink has an absolute advantage in these “easy-to-get markets” and will have even more significant growth. With the rapid growth of film applications, there are opportunities for ink-jet printing on composite films. At the same time, ink and wash ink has entered the gravure printing market. Although little progress can be foreseen, except for certain specific markets, inks can be applied almost to the current use of solvents. In all areas of ink, the development potential of ink painting in the market will be enormous.

Source: Guangdong Printing

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